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I like to express my opinion and I like to express hate speech, fuck you if you call me a hypocrite you Jewish niggers.

17, Male

Being crucified

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PivotKnife's News

Posted by PivotKnife - May 30th, 2016

These two niggers called @Dizzel and @Voltage recently made me some copypastas.

Here's Dizzel's copypasta:

Don't you talk about jesus like that you filthy atheist,you think you can get away with anything you say you're probably here for just attention like every atheist on the internet,You are so fake as you think insulting religion and ethics and cults is a thing that like a little child you can ridicule on a street,Never wondered why we never accepted the "KKK" Or "Donald trump" Or "Hitler" as people who never pertain peace? Because hitler killed 6 million jew, KKK Is against black people,Donald trump is a racist,male chauvinist,Who turns himself into a meme every second he talks,You know what? I do agree with @Voltage you aren't welcomed on New Grounds And Fuck your freedom of speech that just irritates everybody here.


Now here's Voltage's copypasta:

I personally think you're just someone that got banned and you whine and moan about it, you're someone who made an alt for shits and giggles, or you're legitimately a sad rage child; I don't understand why someone would come on the site with all the hate language and "this is who threw me under the bus, everyone, look at what they said." No one cares what anyone said about you or -to- you because you just mindlessly throw out slurs. That's great you're exercising some kind of free speech statement, but it's not really great that you're not doing it well at all. Not to mention, if you're not someone riding a giant joke, we're actually riding the joke on you just by letting you type all of this. It's like you're purposefully attempting to blow the wheels of your speeding car and you think you're going to outrun the cops (the staff of the site) when it's not the case. Your posting and commentary is just a laughing stock. It probably belongs on a podcast of the worst posters ever to exist in the Newgrounds community.



Posted by PivotKnife - May 26th, 2016

Posted by PivotKnife - May 24th, 2016

Here's what everyone's been saying about me on NewGrounds or what people have said about me on NewGrounds. Colon D


"Racist little kid who doesn't understand things yet" - @Infernape01

"Really fucked up kid" - @1HeatFire

"General spammer, rude, has useless reviews" - @Exedor

"Rude and evil atheist" - @FrigeEnterprises

"Enormous dickhead" - @LuWolf

"Nerd who should stfu" - @ICreeper

"Idiot saying stupid shit" - @JK-FlipFlop

"Possibly the most offensive person I've ever met" - @CrowTheGuy

"homo dickhead" - @no5850

"Sick and disgusting stick porn freak, also a massive hypocrite" - @danreaperd

"so pathetic" - @DeadKiller3535

"I think he is pretty cool" - @PivotKnife

"Racist user" - @TheDubStepTronic

"HATER" - @Dankon

"I SHAME ON YOU" - @DaskerKS

"Person who isn't welcomed on NewGrounds" - @Voltage

"Idiot that can't draw or animate" - @Atp505

"Boring as fuck" - @Djjaner

"Kid who acts on NewGrounds for attention" - @DeftonesFan665

"all he does is wank and play cod" - @Nastykillier

"He's allowed to hae Madness but what he's doing is straight up insulting everyone" - @Dizzel

"Why you insults and threatens to death dude?" - @DeronMadness

"hes wasting his life" - @solamander

"Complete idiot" - @Troisnyx


There's probably more niggers that said nigger stuff to me but I can't get it all, so here's what I could find.


Posted by PivotKnife - May 14th, 2016

It's obvious God isn't real, stop acting like you're smarter than everyone else just because of how you know that God is obviously a lie.

Posted by PivotKnife - May 9th, 2016

Hey faggots! Two days ago me and my friends raided a shit Madness Role-Playing community on Google+

One of them recorded a little bit of the raid, but he didn't record the enitre raid.


The entire raid was awesome as fuck! I was a moderator in their group and I was the moderator banning all the people who were members of the group and I was the moderator letting all the raptors inside the group so that they could spam the shit out of it!

I couldn't record the raid because of how my computer kept lagging with bandicam, so I had to stop trying to record the raid and just ban the people, rename the group, change the group art and delete every section except for the over-spammed discussion section without recording it, it is a shame that I couldn't record that, but at least we fucking won! We forced the owner to delete his group!

This link used to be his group and now it's a dead link - https://plus.google.com/communities/101304985278635974510

Yeah Madness cunts, I raided your awful fans with my friends, you guys are so fucking gullible to make me a moderator in that group too.


Posted by PivotKnife - May 6th, 2016

niggas jews collaboration xxx sending nudes to boys got raped sexual sex xxx raped raping jews muslims atheist christioan ssss pivot is shit madness is shit god is not real hitler is nigger rape me


pls dont put mean coments cause ur opinion will make me kill my self and ur gay

Posted by PivotKnife - April 29th, 2016

Is it just me or does everyone who isn't involved in the cancerous Madness community hate it as well?

Please leave your opinion in the comment section because a lot of Madness fags are going to look at my profile and attack it becasue they can't accept my opinion.

Also Madness is going to die really soon, Djjaner just left and hopefully he'll bring a couple of cunts down with him.

(Also I know everyone who isn't involved in the madness community hates it, I just act like it's only me becasue one Madness fag said I was the only one who hated it)


Posted by PivotKnife - April 27th, 2016


Next time you decide to sexually abuse my reviews and ban me from reviewing be prepared to see them nigger, 'cause they're 'gonna be so good that you'll get down on your knees and cry and then start sucking your cock until it comes off and gets stuck in your throat.

Okay faggot don't ban me again or I'll kill my self and write all you fags in my suicide notes and get you all in prison. (Just kidding cute guys)

rite now ur making me cut my slef and im gonna rpeotry u to cops and get u to jail cause im a emo fag that only wants attenshun.



Posted by PivotKnife - March 27th, 2016

Fuck Easter

Posted by PivotKnife - March 3rd, 2016

Tommorow my ban for reviewing things gets removed.

Also any of you cunts want to make a spam crew?